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Sportage 4 19 reg
Ok moving on from anther post about a chime sound which was one of the doors not being completely shut.
I dropped my daughter off today. she was sat in the front passenger seat.
I stopped and kept the engine running but put the hand brake on.
She unclipped her belt while the car was stationary and got out. (not before the car had come to a halt)
As I drove off a warning chime started so I thought it was the problem door.
Got out and opened and shut all the doors but it continued.
I got in and put my seat belt on but it was still there. I did notice the seatbelt light on the dash.
I leaned over and pulled the passenger seat belt right over but did not clip it in, but then let it retract back up and the chime stopped.
She had had the heating on the seat turned on.
Anything ideas?
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