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Hi I have had my new sportage 1.7 for 2 days,i love the look of the car just sold my merc 2.0 200b class sport,This kia is so much better.My problem is the Bloody Sat nav,its Hell.
1 The volume is set so low i cannot here the directions,i have tried to increase, as the manual states,nothing happens.
2 Like all of you out there the only nav in the world without a 7 post code setting CRAZY.
3 No firmware update to resolve the stated issues.
Anyway moaning aside i do love the car,Can any body help please to increase the volume of the voice on the sat nav,just to re cap i have read the book press the button on the sat nav inward then whilst the voice is speaking increase the volume ,this will as they say make the voice louder ,NO IT DOESENT
And last since the last posts from many people have there been any changes ,so we can allow a 7 number post code entry,many thanks for your help
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