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2021 Niro4 HEV
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I got my latest 21 plate Niro 4 in October21 and on the drive home I found it has a very useful feature of knowing exactly where all the Camera's are and whether they are active or inactive and indicates the speed of the camera with your vehicle speed above with an alert sound if you are above that speed limit. However, over the past month, I have found that when driving on a smart motorway, variable speeds change pretty frequently due to traffic conditions, etc. Although it's possible to adapt pretty quickly in response to this I have found that if the road you are on is in close proximity to another road it seems to pick up the camera speeds on both roads at the same time causing total confusion. For instance, I was going from one motorway to another and the speed of the road I was on was saying 60 all of a sudden it flashed up on the satnav 40 and flashed back to 60 and changed again to 40. I came very came close to having a rear-end smash because I slowed to 40 and the driver behind had no idea why I had slowed down, but subsequently swerved to miss me. Has anyone else encountered this issue???

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Not sure if you have the EV or HEV Niro.
But assume that you have the 10.25 head unit & speed sign camera.
If you are using Kia (tom tom) maps then any speed limit is from the camera & not GPS. If you are using Apple car play or Android Auto & one of the mapping within that it will be GPS speed limits.

Never had the situation you describe, but can understand how it happens. Sometimes camera will pick up speed signs that are in it's view that do not correspond to road limit. Have a few round here.

Which is why this is only a guide & not something to 100% rely on. So if in doubt go with the speed of the rest of the traffic (with the risk that entails)

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Using the car nav I find that change points for speed limit are mostly very accurate but occasionally just do not happen at the point of change.

To attempt to discover why without access to Kia technical resource would be almost impossible although I suppose with a dash cam, an internal cam and a lot of spare time one might come up with some ideas.

As for your 60/40/60 experience - is there a parallel road at that point?

There are some situations where reading a limit sign would not apply - for example a dual carriageway with a 70 limit will not have a 70 sign to the system's logic will need to deal with that by, presumably, knowing the type of road it is on. Most likely that is map data reliant on a very accurate GPS signal. The map data and/or the GPS accuracy might just be suspect from time to time in such situations.
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