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Big thanks to @Nick Heenan for this.

FINALLY FIXED THIS PROBLEM WITH A WORK AROUND, thanks to advice found on another forum.
In the UK, the Samsung S22 Ultra is sold with a USB Cable but no charger. This USB cable I had discarded as it was USB-C (male) to USB-C (Male) and appeared almost useless. The work-around for Android Auto is to buy a simple adaptor USB-A (Male) to USB-C (female) so that the cable supplied by Samsung can be used to plug the phone into the Kia (I used the central USB socket on the dashboard). On plugging in the phone through this adapter - Android Auto immediately burst into life, and a minute later I had sucessfully competed its initial confoguration.
This workaround is pure gold.
The suggested cable adaptor (which worked for me) is a Ugreen USB 3.0 (Male) to Type C (Female), purchased from Amazon for £5.99 and delivered the next day.
After 4 months of pain and anguish about buying an expensive phone that I couldn't connect to my car what's not to like about such a minor additional cost ?
I am so so grateful for the advice offered...
I would strongly suggest that both the Samsung and the Kia fora should update their FAQs to promote this Android Auto connectivity solution more widely, so that others need not suffer as much as I have ...
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