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Good evening

I guess this is a topic that come up from time to time . But how to get
the original workshop manual for an European made Kia?

In my case a Sportage III 2.0 CRTI.

I noticed our American friends are more lucky , the
kiatechinfo. site seems to provide workshop
manual and just as important service bulletin. For a price -
BUT only USA models!

I have tried to press my locale Kia dealer, but he is as tight as a
oyster keeping its pearl- He comes with a long story that Kia workshop
manual only exist as a software tool and no printed or pdf manual
are available.

Is this correct that Kia Europe have no printed manuals or
printer-able at all?

How about service bulletin ? It is not the Law that you have to
service your Kia in Kia dealership( I bet kia would love it) but you
like to know if your car is safe to drive . So the way I see it ,keeping
Manuals and bulletin secret, place Kia organization in a bit of a

So any input to how to obtain the right professional manual and
bulletin for my car is appreciated

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