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Hi I have a 57 number plate Kia Sedona Automatic 2,7 which I am very please with apart from one slight problem and something which has just happened

The problem . Despite pointingit out several times when I have had a service this intermittent problemstill lingers. Every now and again the drive drops out for a couple of seconds then picks up as though nothing had happened. I don't know whether its me or not but I seem to notice this more frequentlywhenI straighten up coming off aroundabout and want to accelwerate to pull away. Most of the time its okay but every now and again I get this 2 or 3 second hessitation.

It is going back in to the shop as soon as I can get a date but in the meantime does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this to happen?

Secondly I went to put a DVD into the Rosen DVD player yesterday and found it wouldn't power up. Does anyone know where the Fuse is located?

Regards Llandebie2

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