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I like my Rio diesel. I've had it since August 08, 150 miles on the clock, costing me £8195. It's now on just shy of 15k miles. It hasn't skipped a beat once.

The main plus points are (taking price into consideration):

- Acceleration is excellent and on the motoroway there's little need to ever change down.

- It accelerates from about 40mph up to and beyond 70mph effortlessly.

- It's nippy

- It is comfortable for the 40 mile each way commute.

- The steering is really light

- The gear change is smooth

- I like the radio and the speakers are sufficient.

- I love the USB and Aux connectors on the stereo

-I like the way the headlights work; that is, they switch off on removing the key, and back on when you replace the key. No leaving lights on, or forgetting to turn them on. Almost like auto-lights.

- £35 road tax

Negative points

- Economy not as published, but that's no surprise.

- Need new front tyres soon. Probably will replace at next service. Is 20k miles good for tyres? I don't know.

- I can't drive it when wearing my work boots. I missed the brake pedal and went for the clutch instead. Nearly killed the car and probaby me. I don't wear the boots when driving anymore.

Hope my experience helps.
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