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So ex demo Niro 2020 "4" purchased & PX of Stonic agreed all over phone/email due to covid.
Video sent of car to show features & looks.
All questions answered without any problems.
Good deal on PX, in fact more than I thought.
Found out that bronze pack added at no cost, so got diamondbrite & extra mats for free. 3 year service pack added at Kia price.
Agreed deal on Friday, picked car on Thurs.
Documents & sign over all very Covid safe, not at showroom but at service center which is open. Could have had home delivery, but as old car was due service & MOT had already booked in.
No demo of car, which is fair enough given the situation, but was more than happy to answer all questions (never driven auto before) All area's that could have been handled had plastic over them.
All in all very good service and have no complaints.
3rd car from them, so that says something as well as all serviced by them with no issues.

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Congratulations @iooi , happy new car. I look forward to hearing your experiences. (y)
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