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hi all, i have had my sedona 2.9 diesel for three months no problem then out off the blue it would not accelerate above 2500 revs it would still pick up speed but would not accelerate above this, in low gears around town you would not know there was a fault until you wanted to give it some welly.
any way it was like this for a couple of weeks started fine no black smoke and when not in gear would accelerate into the red, i changed the fuel filter thinking it is a fuel problem but did nothing to change the situation.

then although there was no engine managment lights on i gave the car to a local garage to plug it in to see if there were any faults showing2 days later i recive a phone call saying they pluged it in no faults were shown but it will not start they kept the car for 3 weeks could still not get it started so dreading the bill pulled it out of there and towed it home now i have it at home and have to try diagnose the fault myself .

fuel is getting as far as the rail but it will not fire continuously the odd splutter but nothing more the injection pump seems to be working,

sorry it is such a long message but any help would be appreciated,
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