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I suddenly started smelling petrol but couldnt see any signs of
spillages anywhere.

Then it occured to me to look while the engine was running and sure enough there was a slow drip coming off the chassis rail which stopped when the engine wasnt running and nothing could be seen because it dried up and evaporated (I guess).

On further investigation through the tank hatch under the seat and by crawling underneath it was found to be the return pipe that had sprung a leak - not sure whether it was one of the infamous connection clips or the pipe - I ran it to a friendly garage friend who managed to replace both lines without taking the tank out.

The manual says you need to but for anyone else facing this prospect. My mechanic was able to lift the tank sufficiently at the rear to gain enough access to do the job. I didnt want the tank disturbed unneccessarily as none of the pipes and connections on the top look brilliant but they aint leaking so will consider coating everything in some tank repair stuff just got from a classic restorer and get a few more months out of it before facing the inevitable replacement at some stage.

Hope this is of help to anyone facing similar issues. By the way I have been on to Kia in Britain and they do not recognise any recalls for tank related issues that I have read applies in USA. They do still have a recall 'live' for seat belt clips unlatching though so will get mine done before they change their mind!

Nice to smell fresh air again!
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