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I've had a 55 Kia Sorento from new, and use it for true off-roading through woods and fields etc. I have two dogs, who travel in mesh cages in the Boot area, and when they get really muddy, it is a job to clean and wipe them down when they are on the ground. The alternative is to put them in their cages and try to wipe them there, but this is difficult.

After some head scratching, I've designed a simple pull-out table/platform that fits into the Boot with a perfectly matching profile. The design raises the floor thickness by 50mm over the entire floor area, with a negative being that access to the under-floor storage area is cut-off. However, the whole unit comes out in 4 pieces without any tools required, so it's simple to remove should you want to get at the storage area.

When pulled out, the platform measures some 700mm x 700mm and will be carpet faced as will the top surface of the whole unit. As further advantages, the unit strengthens the floor if you wish to carry heavy items and it can also be used as a sort of picnic table.

Three dimensional views of the product will be available soon, so if there is any interest out there in Sorento land, please send a message.
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