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I purchased my 2005 Picanto 1.0 3 years ago with a very low mileage of 4500 miles and it has now covered 47000 miles.
Initially ran great but developed a slight misfire which would intermittently come and go.
When the misfire became more frequent I decided to start changing things.
At this point it's perhaps worth mentioning that I've been working on motorbikes and cars for the last 40 years, so have access to a good workshop and a reasonable mechanical knowledge.
I initially changed the plugs and leads but with no change in the misfire situation.
I then changed the ignition coils, again it didn't cure the misfire.
I have also serviced and changed the cambelt and tensioner but the misfire still remains.
At this point the car was parked up for 8 months, as I have another car to use and I'm currently wanting to give the car to my son to use and want to sort out the misfire.
Upon trying to start the car, which took a while to fire up, it still had the misfire, perhaps slightly worse than before.
I have now replaced the following items.
The ignition aerial coil around the ignition barrel.
The cam shaft position sensor.
The crank shaft position sensor. This sensor I have replaced twice, the first replacement once fitted, resulted in the car not starting at all. I refitted the original and it restarted but still with the misfire. I have now fitted a second new sensor and the car now starts reluctantly, runs very rough and cuts out when warming up.
The fault code when the engine light comes on reads as a cam shaft position sensor fault P0336.
The cam timing has been checked several times and appears to be spot on.
I have also inspected the bottom pulley for wear and there is none. My car appears to have hardened inserts in the pulley, which I assume was an upgrade to the originals which don't appear to have the inserts, from photos of damaged pulleys I've seen.
I haven't yet refitted the original crank position sensor to see what difference that makes.
I can't believe that I could have 2 duff new position sensors.
Any ideas anyone?

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Did you get any fault codes when the car wouldn’t start after the crank sensor change when the car wouldn’t start?

What was the condition of toothed sprocket that the crank sensor detects on. Was it clean/rusty/deformed etc? Check the seating of the crank sensor – and the wiring/connections to it.

Also check the wiring/connection to the cam sensor and how it seats.

You mention the pulley – is this in relation to the misfire problem that plagued earlier cars and required a new crankshaft? (holes wearing I think)
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