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I've got W reg sedona TDI without A/C. At the rear is fan but it blows only hot air. Is that normal?

There is some device on the heating line. Looks like short metal pipe
with 3 sensors or something on it. It is on the hose witch is coming
from heater radiators to the thermostat housing (~10" from it). It has
three single wires connected. Two of them quite heavy and one thin.
That are they?

Trying to find any workshop manual or wiring diagrams, but no luck.

I've replaced engine and now seems like idle engine speed to low. Seems
like power is not coming to solenoid witch regulates idle speed. When
I turn wheel sometimes engine stals. I can't find any info on this
case. Any ideas?

Kia Sedona 2000 TDI 2.9 manual, no A/C, just basic one.

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