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Hello all and my first post, be gentle will ya?

So I missing bit special part on my 1.6 petrol SW 122hp model.

As we know the rear bearing sit in tube like enclosure and the back of there is some kind of lid.
Gasket, plate something like that allright.

Mine seems to be gone and ofcourse now the bearing is full of dirt and grime.
I got the bearing with full hub assembly and I was replacing it today. Halfway done noticed this ain't right. ABS sensor wheel should not be visible or touchable. :)

Anybody know where I can find replacement in EU? Ebay works for me. Autdoc spareparts site does know the part, but does not have it on stock.
Maybe someone could help me name the part. Helps with the googlin if I know the exact name of it.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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