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Good choice it seems, I got my "65" Ceed 2 Diesel 3 years ago and have taken it from 23k to 61k currently. MPG good, 52-53 mpg average across 50/50 mway/urban (250 miles per week). Servicing costs higher due to main dealer, but offset by other low current maintenance spends and £0 tax.

I like everything abut the car, and went for the 2 spec as I didn't want nav and lot of tech but the 1 spec is too basic, no cruise. Mine has the later rear light and fog upgrades and prefer that to the earlier models but I have seen later 66/17 plates sporting the older rear light design (hatch only).

Car drivers nicely, quiet for a diesel, comfortable, more than enough poke for my needs (134bhp) and very tall gearing make it relaxing just on cruise on long journeys.

I keep hearing repeated confirmation that the manual diesel Cee'd doesn't not have a DMF so that is further reassurance along with the fact the engines are chain cam also.

Mine isn't the best bodywork wise, I don't car much for washing and although gets one on the drive, plenty on chips and scratches close up and one small dent on the door. I prefer to put my money in the oily bits to keep running. Still looks presentable though.

The 2 spec doesn't close the windows on key fob.... and I think all Cee'ds have auto hold (mine has) if the hill is steep enough it will hold the car enough for you to find the biting point and move off. I have a manual not sure about how it works with an auto. Maybe it holds longer?
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