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Thanks for the reply guys :) How would I tell what level spec the car is?

Still getting used to the car but think I have figured out the cruise control, speed limiter and gear box... (figured out I can manually control gears to an extent which makes me feel better... seem to be able to get faster acceleration when I put them on manual.

I do have one question as I want to install a revering camera onto the car.. however I'll start a new thread for that or even better, do a search for anyone else who has done it first :).

I have removed the reversing camera and mirror from my old car so I know what I need to wire up... just need a bit of advice on the best place to wire the power cables in and how to get the camera feed from the body to the rear door (the rubber cable casing for door electrics looks VERY tight to squeeze anything else through).

Thanks all :)

Loving the car!
Hi, you may already know this, but if your car has a dual clutch gearbox as mine does(2016 Ceed)do yourself a favour and search dos and don'ts of these clutches on youtube, there are just a few things you need to do differently from a torque converter gearbox.
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