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hi folks as stated in a previous posting i said if i was given a couple of days, i would make a list of bits and the Kia Part Number. here is the list:-----
1.Pride N/S door weatherstrip Kia No--md00159760B

2.Sorento tailgat glass weatherstrip Kia No---871913E000

3.Sedona seal Kia No------OK5525092XA

4.Shuma Radiator Grill pat Kia No-----OK2S150710

5.Sportage front window regulator Kia No----OK01972560B

6.Pride N/S Door Lock Kia No.----KK15359310B

7.Clarus Part Wiring Loom Kia No----OK9B167070F

8.Mentor O/S Front Window Regulator Kia No-----OK20372560A

9.Mentor Fuel Lid Kia No----OK20142410

10.Mentor Door Lock Motor Kia No----OK20359350

11.Sportage N/S Sunvisor Kia No----OK03F69320A06

12.MentorGlass Channel Rubber Kia No----OK20173607

13.Mentor N/S Extension Kia No----OK221512F0AXX

14.Mentor O/S Rear Side Shelf Kia No----OK2216831196

15.Sportage Release Cable Kia No----OK03F5690

I also believe that I have two rear light clusters for a 1998 Sportage plus a licence plate light.

If any of these parts are of use to you let me know and i'll give you a price. i am usually at work so bear with me if it seems I'm taking a while to get back to you,but i will. parts are either boxed or in Kia sealed bags


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