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I have a new Kia e-Niro on order so I am selling my cherished Bmw i3.

My aim is to achieve a better price than the trade-in offer that will hopefully cover my insurance cost, surplus funds to Alzheimer's care.

  • A very reluctant sale of my cherished BMW i3 4 door hatchback, low miles & in superb condition, it is the upgraded model with adaptive led headlights & indicators and bigger battery.

    A huge saving on new, having only covered just 8400 miles, 8 months BMW warranty remaining, NO RANGE ANXIETY, and cherished by a retired non-smoking owner so is in immaculate condition.

    In Capparis White with Fluid Black & iBlue highlights, Large 94Ah/33kW battery, DC Rapid & AC Fast Charge capability, benefiting from having the revolutionary ‘RANGE EXTENDER’ motor.

    RANGE : I really don't give range any consideration as it is pretty much irrelevant with this car as having the benefit of the range extender ensures that it doesn't matter if the battery is depleted during any journey as the motor will engage automatically to maintain battery charge enabling me to continue on my journey without having to stop to charge, if I so desire. I can simply keep topping up with petrol, complete my journey, then charge at my destination.

    This means that the full available range from the battery (average around 130+ miles ) can be utilised and thus take longer trips without the worry of having to urgently search for charging stations, 150 mile range has been achieved in summer months.... the best of both worlds without RANGE ANXIETY!

    CHARGING : Again, I don't give it any thought, I just plug it in evening time and forget about it. I have a full charge in the morning. I don't have a home charger, I just use the supplied “granny” cable charging at 3kW. A 7kW wall charger would halve the charging time but I haven't found that I have needed one.

    So it conveniently & effortlessly charges to full overnight using a domestic 3 pin socket. Charging can be scheduled to benefit from cheap rate electricity tariffs either from the car itself or on the phone ‘app’ , as can the climate control which can cool/heat/defrost the car ready for departure, so no tedious de-frosting to do!

    The BMW mobile phone “connected-services” ‘App’ also gives remote access to lock/unlock, set charge & climate, show the cars’ location, send a sat nav route to the car as well as displaying efficiency & a host of other vehicle information such as range (both battery & petrol motor), tyre pressure status, service schedule ( a dealer service visit can be arranged on the app), as well as the current mileage and VIN number.

    RUNNING COSTS : with ECO drive modes it is extremely efficient. I am currently averaging 3.9 miles per kWh which equates to 1.3p per mile! Home-charging from 20% to full costs me £1.32p! on my off-peak tariff (@ 5p/kWh)....ULTRA LOW RUNNING COSTS = CHEAP MOTORING.

    For peace of mind a BMW WARRANTY is valid until SEPT 2021 (includes breakdown & recovery) so no breakdown or repair worries. The warranty is extendable with BMW (at cost) if required, the battery is warranted by BMW for 8 years.

    The interior features the Beautiful & exquisite ‘Interior world- Lodge’ upgrade with fine Eucalyptus Wood dash, wool cloth and natural leather upholstery and door cards with heated front seats, the sought after Professional widescreen Multimedia/Navigation system with voice command, featuring live traffic & battery range graphically displayed on the map. There are front and rear over-mats.

    It is effortless to drive, it has cruise control, turns on a sixpence, has front & rear parking sensors as well as a Rear Camera & Park assist that will parallel park it for you

    Uniquely manufactured utilising a carbon fibre passenger safety compartment, composite exterior panels won’t dent or rust, with legendary BMW build quality and driving dynamics.

    You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd with this revolutionary car with its distinctive exterior design and exquisitely futuristic, spacious, bright & airy interior.

    It is sold with a FULL BMW SERVICE HISTORY with receipts, V5c present (in my name), owners manual, leather folder, 2 Keys, a home-charging lead & storage bag is included.

    Previously an ex-demonstrator from a main BMW dealer, so I am actually the 1st private (2nd) owner.

    A huge saving on new, having only covered just 8400 miles, 8 months BMW warranty remaining, NO RANGE ANXIETY, and cherished by a retired non-smoking owner so is in immaculate condition.

    It’s cool, it’s modern, it’s helping the environment.

    For anyone looking to transition into Electric vehicle ownership, It's a no-brainer!
Asking price £21,750

If anyone is interested please private message me for further details.









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** UPDATE **

I have had a number of enquiries mostly asking the same questions. so to save repetitive answers I have detailed answers to the most commonly asked questions here :

Q is it still for sale?
A Yes my car is still for sale, it will remain on sale until my dealer confirms my collection date for my new e-Niro. If I have not sold it privately a week before this date It will be traded-in ( I already have a fixed offer for this by the dealer).

Q. Whats the range?
A. the million-dollar question! LOL. Range is dependent upon many factors, no different to a combustion-engined vehicle, ... such as driving style, journey type (eg. rural, town or motorway), atmospheric conditions ( atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature ( atmospheric and battery ), tyre pressures to name but a few. Below are examples of ranges relating to my driving style.

a real-world SUMMER (last year) range example of 155 miles(in Blue bottom right).

View attachment 140298

The following pic was taken last week with outside temperature at freezing, range indicated at 96 miles (indicated in blue, bottom right) with an 80% battery state of charge, It is a 33kW battery so from calculation a full battery would give a range of 120 miles.

View attachment 140299

View attachment 140300

I really don't give range any consideration to be honest, as it is not a worry due to having the range extender fitted.

Q. Have you had any problems with the car?
A . No, It has been utterly reliable, not had any faults or errors whatsoever, there have been no breakdowns or repairs, it drives faultlessly with no rattles or squeaks. It has a full BMW service history and BMW warranty active until Sept 2021

Q. Whats the condition of the bodywork and interior?
A. It's in great condition with no bodywork dents, dings, scrapes, no paintwork issues, no rust or corrosion.

The Interior has No cuts, marks, or stains on the upholstery. Being owned by a retired, non-smoking couple, there is no family/child-related wear & tear or abuse.

Q. How long does it take to charge?
A. Based upon the battery being initially at 20%, charging to full....
A 7kW home wall charger would take approx 3h 46min
A 50kW DC charger would take approx 32 min.
Using the 3pin plug charger would take approx 8hrs. I don't give it any thought, I just plug it in overnight and have a full charge in the morning. I have found that I do not need to have a 7kW wall charger installed.

Q. Is the price negotiable?
A. I will consider all offers from serious potential purchasers that are in excess of my dealer trade-in offer

Q. is it a lease car or is there any outstanding finance?
A. No, it is privately owned by myself, paid for in cash so there is no outstanding finance. I recommend anyone purchasing my, or any car to get a HPI check prior to purchase for peace of mind.

Q. Whats the efficienty like?
A. Pic below shows the efficiency data from the App (currently averaging almost 4 miles per kWh)

View attachment 140301

Q. Where can I view the car?
A. My car can be viewed in a covid-safe manner (wearing mask & gloves so as not to contaminate my car) at my home address in Southport (post code PR8).

Further information about the ownership of a BMW i3 can be seen here;

I am more than happy to answer any further questions.
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