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I have just bought a second hand, low mileage Kia Sorrento XS from a reputable local dealer.
The problem I have is that the power steering shuts down for no apparent reason.

This has happened 4 times, at low speed, but I am now worried if I am travelling at speed on a motorway and the power steering goes down it could be a real problem.

The power steering powers up again when the engine is turned off and then turned back on again.

I have asked the local main dealer, who tells me that they have had a similar problem with another owner and had the vehilce in for 2 days, but could not replicate the problem.

They can only find the problem when it happens, which is a little difficult as we cannot predict when the power steering is going to shut down.

The car has 20k on the clock, fully serviced, not off roaded and is on an 06 plate.

Can anyone advise or help???

Many Thanks for reading this Jean
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