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Hi All,

I hope someone is able to offer some information.

My wife has a 1999 Sportage with only 68,000 miles on the car. It has always been serviced regularly (by 'time due' as opposed to mileage as she doesn't do many miles.) We've had the car 11 years. It has 2lt Petrol Engine.

I drive it rarely and she had reported no problems; however, I found that the car seems to 'top out' on 'pull' and accelleration around 70 MPH (sorry not sure what the rev counter was reading)

It starts and drives perfectly in all other respects but has 'lost' it's ability to pull at higher throttle openings.

The local garage had the system interrogated but no error codes were apparent. There is no 'engine' or 'service' light illuminated on the dash. The garage stripped and cleaned the Throttle body and checked the throttle position sensor.

They checked the Air flow meter and thought it 'OK' but did not have the figures as to what the Voltage readings should be, 'In' & 'Out', so were unable to help further in this regard.

The modern electronics mystify me somewhat although I am competent with Carburettors and distributor so probably will understand any replies.

I plan to change the fuel filter as a contingency rather than because I feel it is at fault - thereafter I'm afraid I'm not sure where to start. Any observations gratefully received.


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