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I have a KIA Sedona 53 2.9 Diesel Auto.
I bought it second hand and always thought the power wasnt good but put it down to it being a big heavy car.
Now 4000 miles on (146000 miles on clock) it has no pull between 0 and 15 mph (it wont rev higher than 1000 revs) It isnt as bad once its warm but still isnt good.
Also from 40 mph up the acceleration is bad at times (not always) but when it is the revs wont go over 2000 to 2500 no mater how far you press the accelerator.
When it is labouring like this you get black smoke out of the exhaust .
I have tried fuel system and injector cleaner.
What next?any ideas?it is getting dangerous to pull out on junctions as it so slow at first. between 15mph and 40 mph it isnt to bad.
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