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I am in the market for a new car, currently I run a 2005 Volvo V70R but work is growing as is my mileage. The Volvo is fantastic but at 28mpg it can get a bit costly when doing lots of mileage. So I have looked at a newer V70 circa 2015/16 era but then I ran across Kia. An Optima SW looks a perfect size. I will want an Auto (DCT) but my question is regarding engines. Is it worth spending a bit more to get the newer 1.6 diesel or is the 1.7 OK Looking at GT Line -S Spec. Also are there any major spec differences between the 2 worth considering.

Many thanks

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The Volvo is fantastic but at 28mpg it can get a bit costly when doing lots of mileage.
Welcome to the forum, 'simon.richards7'.

While I'm sure the Volvo is a lovely car with decent performance, the kind of fuel economy you describe would be sufficient to deter me from buying one, even though a couple of their models were on my short list in 2016 when I ultimately purchased an Optima Sportswagon GT-Line S.

I can't speak for the 1.6 litre diesel but I expect it will be similar in both performance and economy to the 1.7 model that I run. Performance is so-so and nothing that will delight those seeking excitement. That said, it's a perfectly pleasant place to spend time with a comfortable interior, good sound system and all the gadgets and gizmos anyone could wish for.

The DCT has been a joy to use over my time with the car and I would have the same transmission again, were I seeking a change of car. My fuel economy over 5.5 years with the car has averaged, in round numbers, 44 mpg - that's taking account of all driving in all traffic conditions. I don't do that nonsense that some like to add, such as 'but on a run I get......' as my credit card statement and some basic arithmetic tells me all I need to know and it doesn't care whether I was driving uphill or downhill.馃槉

Sadly, the KIA people, in their wisdom, decided not to make the replacement for the Optima available in the UK or I would have bought one straightaway without question. Dealer servicing costs are very reasonable compared to the major German brands (and Volvo) and although I wouldn't suggest it's a Premium brand, it's closer than you might think.
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