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Thanks for that. It says "6 speed auto" for the 2 litre, while the smaller engines say "7 speed auto DCT".
So, it has a proper torque converter box, which is one less thing to worry about as it gets older.

I've had a few torque converter autos in the past (BMW 5 series ZF, Porsche 911 Tiptronic, old 3 speed in a Granada), as well as a couple of dual clutch boxes recently (Ford Powershift in a Galaxy, and the VW DSG in the Skoda). I prefer the proper TC boxes for driveability, and reliability, although the DSG box is pretty good.

This will be the first car I've owned with paddles and a torque convertor. I tried shifting down with the paddles on the test drive, and it seemed to work very smoothly - "kickdown" without having to mash the throttle pedal. I liked the way it went back into fully-auto mode on its own after a few seconds too.
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