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2022 KIA SPORTAGE GTLine S 1.6T HEV AWD Experience Green/Black
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Bit of a shock when I changed the car insurance on line just now. 30% more to insure the Sportage. Not a lot of money in reality, just strikes me as strange that it costs more to insure a 2 litre diesel Kia than a 2 litre petrol Skoda.

Both cars pretty much the same age and value, but the Skoda is a fair bit quicker (less that 6 secs to 60, limited to 155mph). It's also 7 insurance groups higher.

I guess they are just charging more because they can. I only renewed the policy a month ago, so no point in cancelling and getting a fresh policy.

Can anyone confirm that the 2017 2 litre diesel doesn't take adblue? I couldn't see a filler cap, and the salesman didn't know.
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