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Hi All,
I wonder if anyone out there can help me with my rattle please !!#

I have a Sportage XE 2lt Diesel 2005 @39,000 miles

It has developed a rattle when driving under load, apparentafter changing gear from 1st into 2nd and 3rd !

It sounds almost like a petrol Pinking noise.

Once the engine revs rise above 2000rpm the noise disapears. The rattle is also not there when the vehicle is in neutral and not being driven. It is also not there when in gear, with the clutch in.

I know that I can stop the rattle by changing gear at higher revs and not expecting so much torque at low revs from the car, but it never used to do it before so is presumably not all down to my driving style.

I heard another Sportage pass me the other day with the same inherrant rattle and therefor wondered if this infact a common problem that someone out there might be able to offer me some advice on.

Yours hopefully

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