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Hi fellows,
I recently bought a Kia Rio 2014 in great condition.
Upon picking it up from a local private dealership I noticed the TPMS light came on. They took it to a garage who reset it but after 10 miles it came back on.

I went to a local garage and they found out one wheel didn't have a sensor at all! So they fitted a new one (nearly £100) and sent me on my way.
10 miles later, the light came back on again. So I went to the garage yet again and they've connected the computer to the car and reset all the long & short term memory to remove the fault error showing. It was all good but then 10 miles later.... it came back on :(

I am really frustrated at this point and spent so much time & money already.
I know it must be a fault as the light flashes for 1 minutes then stays solid and PSI is correct on all tyres (32-33 PSI roughly).

I'm not sure what to do now but would really appreciate any help.
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