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Kia Niro 3 PHEV (70-plate) Horizon Blue
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Just had the 2nd service done at 2 year old and 7400 miles. On a service plan, so no charge. Noted that the oil and filter, cabin filter and brake fluid all changed. Spark pligs are good for100,000 miles or 10 years. Air filter 4 years.
Extraordinary changes. I used to change my dirty air cleaner and re-gap the spark plugs every 5000 miles. Never changed my brake fluid. etc etc.
Never changed the brake fluid? You do realise that brake fluid is hygroscopic (i.e. it absorbs water) and if you have to do an emergency stop from high speed the heat generated in the brakes may cause this moisture to boil, and suddenly you have lost most, if not all, of your braking pressure! That is why brake fluid change features in the service schedules!
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