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Picanto VR7 1.0 2015 Plate
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Hello all,

I have a 2015 Picanto 1.0 VR7 owned from new and always serviced at my local Kia garage.

For some time the Picanto has rattled on start-up, but was fine once warmed up so easily forgotten. The Kia garage is about 12 miles from me, so they always receive the car once nicely warmed up and rattle free.

Recently I did a bit of research (on this forum and elsewhere) and feared the rattle was the timing chain, so took the Picanto in to be assessed the following day on a cold start-up. The garage quickly came back with answer that it was the timing chain. Within the week I now have new timing chain, tensioner, oil and filter and a sweet sounding clean Picanto - all under warranty.

This was a lot of work (i.e. expensive out of warranty), but had the chain slipped well that would have been really expensive or potentially worse had it happened on a "smart" motorway.

So the purpose of my post - the first in this forum - is just to say get those rattles looked at before the 7 years are up - even if the rattle goes away after a few minutes making it easy to forget about after a few miles. Plus also to say thank you to my local Kia garage (Newbarn, Bognor) who have always been excellent and sorted this all out promptly without any quibble.

All the best, Paul
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