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As some may have seen, i'm selling many Picanto mk1 1.1 spares, i have a full size spare wheel kit, the jack, wheel brace and towing eye look like they have never been used, the tyre looks like it has been fitted to a brand new rim(not by me) it's how i bought it, please see images, i would say there is a good 5mm on the tyre(not measured, but there's a lot of life in it.

tyre is how i bought it, i have just removed it, taken pictures and put it on here. I would like £40 for it plus postage, can probably use Hermes as a service for it. Tyre is not brand new, i have never had it on the road, its how it came with a vehicle i bought to rebuild my daughters Picanto after an earlier accident, then i put it in her car and it is literally how i have taken it out.

i will check back every couple of days to see if anyone is interested , i am very busy at the moment, so please bear that in mind. I may take a while to get back to you, tia for your patience. 165x60x14 is the size.


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