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Hi all.
Newbie here.
Got an issue with my father in law's 2005 Picanto 1.1.
It was my wife's car for years beforehand and always had a heavy clutch. I used to remove the original clutch cable and let some light oil run through it on the very small chance that it was a seized cable, but alas no, it was the actual clutch and after giving the car to my FIL it finally failed.
So about 4 months ago I put a new clutch in it and the car was transformed with a lovely light clutch.
Roll on to last Thursday and the clutch cable snapped, not a huge surprise given the amount of use it had with a heavy clutch.
So yesterday I replaced it with a Pagid cable purchased from Euro Car Parts.
Not the hardest job in the world to be fair. They looked the same and the new one fitted straight in, problem was it was already at the end of its travel on the adjustment nut, plus it felt heavier than the old one.
So my FIL took it out earlier and really didn't like the feel of it, so I've just removed the new one and compared it to the old original one. The original is a good 20mm shorter than the new one, which would explain the lack of adjustment, but also where the cable comes off the top of the pedal and into the 'sheath' it's already started wearing out there, as though its out of line.
It's impossible to put this in the wrong way, and tbh I'm an ex car mechanic/current engineer so I'm not wet behind the ears 馃槅馃槅
The pack says it's for a Picanto, and I've never had issues with Pagid quality in the past.
My FIL will be taking it back to Euros tomorrow and comparing it with another one, but is this common on these cables and should he just bite the bullet and go direct to Kia?
Have a good Sunday people.

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I'm not familiar with the car or the clutch cables, however there are often many variations on a part for various reasons. When purchasing look up the original kia part number from the kia parts catalog, then ensure that any alternative is labelled with that nr. is one place you can access the original Kia parts catalog, you may see several cables for the same car, however if you enter your exact model nr you'll see the required cable.
I guess if your replacement cable is labelled with the correct nr, then you'll just have to try another. The cable manufacturers catalog may show the effective length so you can compare prior to purchase.

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As Jack posted above there can be a myriad of slightly different part numbers for very similar car models, is a very good place to check out correct part numbers although the parts catalogues do take a little time to get accustomed to.If you can identify the correct part number then you can cross reference on parts manufacturers catalogues.
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