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MY21 Stonic GT-Line S ISG MHEV iMT - sw220211 - map14.47.48.631.401.5
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Hi Everyone!

Would anyone know if the user settings menu can be accessed on a 2019 Picanto 2? There is no obvious way to do this from the steering wheel controls as there is no "menu" or "options" buttons, only trip and reset.

I wanted to check the MPG settings and increase the indicator flashes from 3 to 5.

Many thanks for your help,

The same was asked on the Italian owners club.
the answer was: not via the usual methods.
Apparently a dealer can do that for you as they are equipped with the reprogramming unit and can adjust those settings. They are simply unavailable to you because the onboard cluster does not have the means to display those settings.
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