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I did buy it brand new from Allen Kia

but it was sat at the dealers for around 4 months as my collection day was the first day on lockdown all that time ago .
No sign of anything though and the location is right at the top of the front bumper by the bonet so a strange place
Cars can get damaged while they are at the dealers. My ex was a car salesman and even had one fall off of the delivery trailer. He said it wasn't the first time! When I bought my 69 reg white merc (I think that was 3 months old), they delayed collection as it had been caught in the carpark and needed the bumper scrape repairing. Didn't bother me as I couldn't tell it had been done and got it for a good price but they can have accidents before you get them. I don't know how you would prove it though if you think that's what's happened
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