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Can anyone point me in the right direction for any information on paint colour codes.
I have a 2007 Sorento in two tone , The top colour I am sure is `Ice Blue` but have no idea what the bottom colour is. I have found the plate in the engine compartment which gives the colour code as `MI`. The reason I am asking is I would like to fit parking sensors and would like to spray the surrounds the same colour. Thanks Dave

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Here are the 2005 KIA codes.

Paint codes can also be found on the sticker located in the drivers door "B" post of your vehicle.

08 Dk Gray

1C Imperial Blue Met

1L Royal Green Prl

1S Spark Blue Met

3N Ivy Green Met

3P Volcanic Red Met

3W Willow Green Met

4C Cobalt Blue Met

4T Blueberry Met

4Y Sand Beige Met

5C Olive Green Met

6C Clear Silver Met

6D Smokey Brown Met

6W Warm Gray Met

6Y Lt Gold Met

7Y Gold Beige Met

8Y Stone Beige Met

9B Midnight Black Met

9L Natural Olive Met

9P Black Cherry Met

B7 Rally Blue Met

BT` Oak Beige

C5 Diamond Silver Met

C7 Brt Platinum Met

D3 Silky Beige Met

D8 Cream Gold Met

EB Ebony Black

G6 Dk Emerald Green Met

G7 Alpine Gray Met

G8 Sage Green Met

Gj Slate Gray

K2 Indigo Blue Met

K6 Smart Blue Met

L1 Ice Blue Met

N7 Carbon Black Met

PH Polar White

R1 Radiant Red Met

R4 Cinnamon Met

R8 Dk Rise Red Met

R9 Ruby Red Met

S4 Steel Silver Met

S5 Dk Bronze Met

S6 Satin Silver Met

U3 New White Prl

UD Clear White

V9 Pewter Gray Met

VR Classic Red

Y3 Champagne Met

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Thanks for your time in replying to my post, unfortunately my code isn`t there.(MI)
The car is an 07 facelift so maybe they have added codes since 05.
Thanks again for your time. Dave

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I am looking for the colour codes for the Kia Sorento 2011/12. Can someone please provide me with the colour codes for the 2 listed below.

Solid white
snow white pearl

Many thanks

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hi.try looking inside the door shut.theres a plate there with the details.think its the near side.hope this helps.kev t
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