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Hi Guys.

I've been browsing for years but now finally need to post lol. Love this group on here.

It's my partners car and she has said the soul seems a little down on power from normal as its normally powerful.
It's a 2011 Soul Tempest Crdi with 65k on the clock we have had her from new and it's the first issue we have ever had.

I used my generic scan reader a scan gauge 2 and Not sure if anyone has had this fault before P0002. Seems to be heading towards Fuel volume regulator control, circuit range / performance.

It's strange as the code P0002 is not a active fault its on my code reader as a pending code so interminting I would say as I have no check engine light on.

Looking like maybe the fuel pressure sensor on the rail? Is this common on this around this age?

Any help would be appreciated.


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