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Last month I was down near Swindump for an RAF reunion,so we left perthshire at 1300 on the wed and drove down to our first stop at Rudyard Lake in a beautiful part of Staffs.

Hotel Rudyard

On the way south we popped into Kemble Airport for coffee and cake in the old RAF Fire Station next to the runway (lovely cafe)

Saturday Morning we rumbled across to the S Wales Aircraft Museum at (ex) RAF St Athan

Sunday morning as we started back north bound we stopped off at the Jet Age Museum,Staverton,Glos

And then on to Toddington Station for a smutty ride on the GWR Railway
Sportage at Toddington Station wiv some A30/A35 cars,there was a classic car meet on

There was also this gorgeous Armstrong Squiddeley Saloon :)

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