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Ceed Diesel Sportswagon MHEV
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I have the Ceed SW 3 with the same engine / hybrid engine combo, and after 7 months of ownership and 24K miles, I am more than happy with it..

Delivery for mine was delayed a couple of months with covid issues, ordered Jan 2021 was initially told March but delivered May 2021, but apart from that, the only issue I am having is that the sat nav has stopped working, and thinks I am 100 miles away from my home address all of the time. This hopefully will be fixed next week when it goes in to have replacement shark fin aerial fitted...

The thing is comfy enough for all of the motorway driving I do, and is returning just under 60 MPG being sat at 70 most of the time... There are a few weird bits to get used too which will throw you at first, and the main one is the engine either switching off or going onto tickover at 70 on the motorway when you lift off... Very strange the first couple of times, but you get used to it, along with a similar thing happening when approaching junctions.

Adblue wise, because i do mostly motorway I think, the thing has yet to use half a tank full, so that seems OK to me also...

Dont tend to bother switching though the modes and leave it in Eco all of the time, as its quick enough (Car is tracked by work so have to be careful), but sport mode does bring in the extra power from the battery quite well...

Hopefully this gives you a few bits to look forward too...
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