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I have had a test drive in the optima and I was very impressed with it, but if I bought one I would need to tow a carava with it and I was dissapointed to see such a low 60kg max noseweight, why is it so low I have a max gross weight caravan and i struggle to get a noseweight of 65kg. also have Kia got a towbar available for the optima yet

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Hi kiaman

Thanks for you post and email - we have also sent a message to your inbox.
Our nose weight ratings are calculated taking in to account results from a
number of tests and factors, one of those being the rear suspension
capabilities of the car.

As the
Optima has only just been launched we don't have a full accessory list ""“ at the
moment we don't have a tow bar we can supply for you. As soon as we have details
of the accessories available we'll reply to you on this post.

the mean time if there's anything else we can do for you please don't hesitate
to get in touch again, thank you for your post.

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