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From the limited amount of info there still seems to be about the Optima it certainly looks pretty good from just about all angles.
However, there seems scant information about the useability of the car in terms of lugging any sort of load with the back seats down. The boot itself looks pretty a conventional saloon boot but from the very few pictures I've been able to find showing the 'aperture' between the boot and the rear cabin space it looks absolutely awful, and from a practical point of view, almost useless.

Made worse by the positioning of the boot lid hinge line.

There can be no substitute for actually staring into the actual abyss when it becomes available locally but in the meantime you have to wonder what their thought process was.

The only reason that I can think of is that there was a problem with body stiffness at the rear end and they've had to virtually weld up the access hatch to sort it.

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