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Ongoing wiper issue. Kia sedona mk2 uk spec 2006.

My wipers only work on low. They don't park. I can use the front screen wash. But the wipers don't come on so have to put on lo.

On lo I get power at the motor but nothing else on hi intermittent etc.

Rear wipers work fine.

I have changed the multi switch for a used good one, no change. I have changed the internal and engine bay fuse box no change.

I have taken out the current in use multi switch.

On pin 3 and 6 I get continuity for lo
On pin 3 and 7 I get continuity for hi
On pin 5 and 6 I get continuity for off
13 and 14 are on permanently

These are different to the pins noted in the diagram.

Rear pins match up as per diagram. Is my loom lined up wrong or is there a fault on the multi switch? Did they change in 2006 on late models?

I have changed the multi switch for an apparent good one, I have changed the bcm/internal fuse box, engine bay fuse box (relays are apparently built into the pcb and not changeable) and changed the motor for a good one and also had the motor checked which came back fine.

Please help



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