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For those who are nervous of clicking on links, the web site is the UK Gov site and the gist of the recall is:
Shifter Control Unit (SCU) Upgrade.
Recall number R/2022/173 Recall Date 30/05/2022 Safety Recall
Reason for recall
A voltage fluctuation may occur when the vehicle is switched off and in the parked position resulting in a temporary disengagement of the parking mechanism.
How to check if the vehicle is recalled
Contact the local KIA dealership or manufacturer. You will not need to pay for anything involving the recall.
How the manufacturer will repair
The vehicles identified require a software update for the Shifter Control Unit (SCU).
Number of affected vehicles

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From what I read on here, the old adage about not buying a car within its first six / nine/ twelve months of production seems to be being accentuated by all this 'new' tech and the global supply shortages.
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