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Hiya all,
A quick intro;

Have owned my 2.5CRDi XE (manual) for nearly 3 years, and have done over 70K with it.

Mostly Kia serviced, last 2 done with anindependent (Thompson and Thompson, Caldicot have quit the Kia franchise leaving me with very awkward choices for dealers)

Extremely pleased with it, 33mpg commute, 25 - 27 mpg towing and runs all day in lo box crawling over mountains on 1/4 tank.

One or two, apparently common, issues that have occurred in my time;

-seized handbrake pulley (solved)

-fuel tank pump performing irregularly, causing the 'limp-home' mode to kick in, and sometimes cut out (sorted at Thompson and Thompson)

-immobiliser doesn't always check off, meaning that the car won't always start - not solved, comes round to my way of thinking eventually, but it is very 'inconvenient'!

-Tardy lo-box selection - always been this way, seems like it rarely changes of its own accord and usually requires a little 'nudging' with the gearstick and clutch - not fixed, although I'm not sure that it's a fixable symptom since it's been like this since I've had it.

- and now, a leaky injector. Not sure if it's the 'o' ring (80p)but it seems like a £250 from new repair, or a £100 used if it's not.

Any advice on whether to go with used parts (i.e. injector) from a salvage dealer?

Anybody have any advice on changing the transmission oils? - I can be fairly handy, but now that servicing is being handled by my friendly neighbourhood jack (and I don't have many notes to throw around!) I'm not sure if this is a job that I can readily undertake.

And if so - when (80, 90, 100k?).

Any response greatly received!
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