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Lack of replies usually denotes lack of problems. Go for Land rover if you have deep pockets. I bought Discovery brand new and worst motor for reliability I have ever bought.
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OK my view of a 2013 KX4 AWD 2L Auto. Now with 80+K on the clock had full SH at the point of purchase now out of warranty. I understand that the 2L may be the better of the engines. Will drink diesel on short journeys for fun 25MPG. The higher the number the better. KX4 has JBL sub for example. I do like the full glass and sliding roof. Loadspace good in my view takes a dog and when needed a door with the seats down for a DIY or dump run. Plenty of room for wifes' numerous cases when on a long weekend (pre lockdown in the good ol day's of course).
Auto gearbox smooth and precise (Not wanting to debate against the newer boxes of today, but I prefer the older style box), I have had no end of trouble with DCT boxes on other makes.
I have had no issues with DPF, I was doing short journeys in the main, couple of miles to work and back.
The driving position fairly high and comfortable. Plenty of room for the 12-year-old and a couple of mates on the school run. Some don't like black but I like mine and the side steps give a little more rugged look.

Warranty issues resolved in my ownership:
3 wheels replaced lacquer problem well documented on here (not for the first time I was told). Now not good again after about 10 months.
Rear window up/down button replaced (this seems to have introduced an intermittent rear door opening issue) unresolved by KIa at the time (I find the child lock to be stiff once freed it works for a while then goes stiff again). Child lock is always off.

Non-warranty Issue:
Sometimes will not start off the push button ( seems the inhibitor switch on the auto box may be going faulty). Rare but does happen now and again, move out of "P" and back again and all is good.
Poor supermarket diesel caused starting issues (run the tank dry and refill with premium diesel and additive)
The sliding roof curtain needs to be moved with caution and in a parallel motion as the wires can become detached (mine are open most of the time as I like the light).
Sometimes does not see the key (or the spare). I think this may be related to the main starter battery not at it's best needs replacing as it will quickly drain if left for long periods and or cold weather).

Replaced by me:

Pads all round
Serpentine belt
Consumable oils and filters
Update maps for Sat Nav

I am sure I have missed some stuff. All in it is a very good car well equipped. It is 2 things I thought I would never have KIA as a mark and diesel, but I was wrong for a long time.
Cannot compare to a Landy as I have never owned one, I have however read of unreliability and high running costs.

Just my ten penneth.
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