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Hi all,

Newbie owner, just picked up a 2011 KX-3 CRDi AWD with 76k on clock and FSH, for £7k.
Trader was very honest, did full service and MOT, two new tyres on rear AND changed clutch and flywheel, all at his expense :oops:

Primarily needed a "dogmobile" as got a Labrador puppy who has discovered water, doesn't mix well with the main car (new Merc E350 Estate). Also we're out in the sticks of North Yorkshire, so AWD was preferable. Land Rover and other similar brands/models too expensive, got a local Kia dealer if ever needed, and lots of them on the road near us so figured probably a good option.

So far very impressed. Got 41mpg on motorway bringing it home, and it wasn't as noisy or uncomfortable as I expected....wouldn't like to do 200 miles in it though!
It does pull very slightly left, so will get tracking looked at.

Question: with it being AWD, should I look for a specialist to do the alignment?

Had to reseat the trim at the bottom of windscreen (nearside), was a gaping hole and edge of screen was exposed.
Bonus find - previous owner had a dashcam fitted and left the hard-wiring in place (piggy-backed off the 20A fuse, can't remember fuse number).

Question: The fuse layout shows 2 "power outlets", what is driven off outlet 1 (fuse 15 I think?)

Looking forward, will be nice to get back to a bit of "spannering"...ran an older 5 Series BMW which I maintained myself until change of job robbed me of my hobby, now got time back so looking forward to finding out all about the Kia, and hoping to gets of advice from here, and in future return the favours as I get to know it.

Sorry for long first post, it'll all be shorter from now :p

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