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Afternoon all. Looking for some Sedona advice possibly in the very near future. Married to an Irish woman and thought a Honda FRV would be enough of an MPV for all her baby demands but it seems she has gone and got herself pregnant and again and she is alleging this 5th one is mine too!

I'll be poor forever but i will need some means to ferry the little darlings about. Due to the ages (6, 4.5, 3.5, 1 and number 5 due in April 2012) we need something with 7 seats and boot space not something with seven seats and 1 sheet of A4 paper space such as a Zafira, Touran, etc.

Finally decided on a Sedona, looking at a 2007 LS, so leccy doors, DVD player a fairly tidy looking car for £5.5K. Just need to agree on trading in my old Golf and move some funds into place and i'll be a Kia owner before the months is out.

Looking forward to chatting to you all but hopefully about how wonderful Kia's are and not in the capacity of "XYZ has blown up/died/failed how do i fix it?"

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