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There's a couple of things I didn't expect on the new MY21 model 3 compared to my old 2017 model that it would be wise to know about before buying one (I bought it before there were any in the country to see or even any info on the website)

There's no Wireless Carplay or Android Auto despite the new entertainment system and UVO. (to be fair they don't advertise it as such - but it was listed in the pre release dealer briefing so I was hoping it would be present.)

The new navigation / entertainment system is much nicer though and operates faster than the old one ever did.

The boot space is significantly smaller, the floor is higher overall and the rear seat pitch is steeper, there's also a significant hump on the forward edge of the boot liner for the 48V wiring/air gap tubing.. Making the boot a weird shape to store anything against the back of the seats as it'll just slide backwards.

And most annoyingly.. the 48V battery pack takes the entire space under the boot liner, so there no way to carry even a space saver (and even the Tire Mobility Kit is in the boot not under the floor)

The cruise control doesn't display the set speed anywhere I can find.. the new colour LCD in the dash is nice, but thats a fairly significant omission.. Unless I'm missing something.

Oh and KIA no longer supply documentation pouches for the books.. so if you trade one in.. keep the pouch from the manuals.

The manual is full of spelling mistakes, and often un-updated sections that refer to the old model not the new one. The QSG is entirely the old car. The 48V battery itself isn't mentioned once in the manual (although the iMT option is in some sections of course relating to driving the vehicle etc.)
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