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On Order - Kia Sportage 48V MH GTLine S AWD
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Hi All,

I've just ordered a Kia Sportage 1.6 Turbocharged Petrol 48V Mild Hybrid DCT Automatic GTLine S AWD in Blue Flame and Black roof. (Ordered on 7/5/22).

Not had a Kia before, but this looked stunning. I've been told to expect delivery around August/September.

A little gutted as last week I twst drove the HEV and was ready to order that, but when I went back to the dealer it had literally just been withdrawn from the motability scheme. So hence the above choice. Hey, it's £700 cheaper and comes with AWD. Other than that I think its identical.

Hoping to pick up useful tips from here and help where I can with any info I can share.
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