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Just got delivery of my 2-year old Soul EV. Lovely car, but one disappointment is that I can't add a spacesaver spare in the spare wheel well, as there's some electrical apparatus bolted into it (could be a main battery ventilator fan, by the shape). I'd be interested to know if that guess is correct.

The Key Code (vital if you lose a keyfob and want to replace it, I understand) is not recorded in the Service Record, and the tag normally attached to one of the fobs is not there. There is a Code on the card in the locking wheelnuts box, but I'm guessing that it is only for the key adapter for the nuts - anyone know, please?

Still trying to get my head round the Multimedia System; the book isn't too helpful - apparently I need a 12-year old child to teach me :)

Does anyone know under what conditions the auxiliary battery is charged - mine shows only 50% charge on my electronic battery tester, and I'm wondering if I need to charge it. The book says to remove it from the car - really? I have a CTEK charger, and I've always charged batteries in situ. Hard to believe this case is different.
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