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Hi, I've recently bought a Sedona 2003 2.9 diesel after previously owning a couple of Toyota Estima Japanese imports. In the short time I've owned the vehicle I've already experienced some issues which it seems are 'common' to the Sedona. Hope I've not made a mistake in straying from the Toyota brand!

As well as the stiff power steering caused by intermediate shaft, I've also had 2 door handles fail (what a rubbish design). The latest issue though is the one that concerns me the most. I've done some research on this but would like other peoples input.

About a week ago I noticed one very cold evening that the cabin took a long time to heat up. Thought no more about it but then this Friday I noticed the temperature guage crept over half way for the first time ever. It eventually got to 3/4 before I switched the engine off whilst in traffic and placed the hazards on. It seems the engine management system also placed the car into limp home mode as there was no response from the throttle for a short time. When I looked further it seems that only one of the two radiator fans works and I still need to fix this. I also needed to top up the radiator a little. The car seems to lack power, especially on uphill sections and I was concerned that some permanent damage may have happened to the engine. When I check the engine oil there seems no evidence of water contamination. On a 300 mile drive home on the motorway it does not seem to have lost any more water from the cooling system. When I rev in park or neutral it is able to rev beyond the 2700rpm that the limp home mode limits to.

So my basic questions are:

Is it possible that a failing radiator fan alone could cause water loss from the coolant system due to slight overheating or does it still sound like I have a small leak?

If the car went into limp home mode do I need to reset the ECU or does the fact that I can rev above 2700rpm indicate that this mode is not activated? Does disconnecting the battery for an hour reset the ECU or do I need a mechanic to do this?

What should I look for in trying to diagnose why the radiator fan does not work?

Based on the fact that I have no water contamination in the oil do you think I've done any permanent damage to the engine. Please note that the temp guage never reached more than 3/4 and then only for a very short time.

Would appreciate any help or suggestions.

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