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Good Morning All,

Took delivery off my new Rio (1.4L Petrol) two weeks ago. All in all I am enjoying the car although it has had a couple of problems as below:

i) Common problem of pulling to the left. It is not overly pronounced or dangerous, I took the car back to the dealer and they did a wheel alignment under warranty as it was only two weeks old. All wheels within spec, slight adjustments made. The results are improved, still a slight pull, but the car is quite camber sensitive.

ii) Excessive 'play' on the acclerator, the car had about 1-2cm of travel before hitting resistance or power. Dealer adjusted under warranty and all is good now.

iii) New problem as of the weekend, when turing the steering wheel left through 0-45degrees there is a faint clicking sound, this varies between 1- 4 little clicks, it does it each time you go through the full turn and back into the first 0-45 degrees turning left. It is not causing any effect on the handling.

Any ideas on this issue?

With regards to MPG, 650 miles travelled, mix of motorways and hilly a/b roads average of 41MPG.

thanks for any help,

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