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I am a new member, psarote. I have a 2005 Sorento SE which has been fairly good to us. Have over 62,000 miles on it and have changed the battery once, fixed the driver seat switch while under warranty, replaced the black rubber strip below the hatch back door and had the air conditioner repaired under warranty. Ithas atrailer hitch and running boards. Yesterday the driver seat failed to operate in two of the 8 modes. I found this forum during an internet search and found the solution. This morning I applied the recommended solution and it worked.I will be sending the individual a thank you . I also have had times when the locks would automaticall lock when I was not wanting to lock the vehicle. I now do not leave the vehicle without taking the key.

If anyone has any info on any of the issues I mentioned above, please clue me in. Again, its been prettygood to usand I would rate its repair and reliability as average plus.


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